The title of the conference is: “Silence, Music and Sign in Patristic Theology” Venue: St Athanasius Greek-Catholic Theological Institute, Nyíregyháza, Hungary Date: 11-12th September 2017

About the topic:

The conference aims to examine more closely the opinion of the thinkers living in the patristic era concerning non-written communication methods. For this conference, we are thinking primarily of the communication of theological information.

The subject of our interest can be divided into divine and human communication. On the one hand, we refer to God’s self-revelation and communication in silence, sounds, voices and signs. On the other hand, we reflect on the reason why man chooses silence, sound, voice, music or graphic symbols or signs (not icons or images) as tools for communicating theological truths.

The expected length of the presentations: 20 minutes. The language of the presentations and discussions: English, Italian, French. The written form of the presentations of the conference will be published in the Eastern Theological Journal, the journal of our institute (

One feature of the international patristic conferences of our institute —we have already organized two conferences in collaboration with the Patristic Institute “Augustinianum” in Rome — is that we like to put strong emphasis on

professional interchanges following the lectures and possible changes of opinions.

For this reason, in addition to the formal presentations a round-table discussion is also included in the conference program, which will be chaired by Giuseppe Caruso O.S.A. (president of Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum, Rome, Italy).

Keynote lectures will be given by:

Judith Kovács (University of Virginia, Department of Religious Studies, Charlottesville, USA): “Silence in the Protreptikos: what Clement of Alexandria leaves unsaid”

Selene Zorzi (Istituto Teologico Marchigiano, Ancona, Italy): "Dire l'ineffabile: lo iubilus secondo Agostino d'Ippona"

Emmanuel Albano (Facoltà Teologica Pugliese, Istituto di Teologia Ecumenica S. Nicola, Italy): „Dalla parola al silenzio: le diverse forme della rivelazione divina. Un itinerario all'origine della scuola di Alessandria”

Vito Limone (Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy): „Origen's Use of Platonic Texts: Key to the So Called «Unwritten Doctrines»„

Online registration is at:

Please email paper proposals (max. 300 words for 20 minute papers). The conference registration deadline is: 15th June 2017. 

Registration fee, which should be paid at the conference: 40 Eur.



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